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Steve Trafton

Alpine Hiking Switzerland, Austria and Italy

Vaduz to Pfalzer Hutte


July 22, 2007   After meeting up with  my long-time climbing partner Al Errington, we took the train ride from Bad Ragaz north to Vaduz and then hired a car for the short drive to the ski area at Malbun, Liechtenstein. From here we boarded the ski lift to Bim Chrutz (2003m – 6572ft) (1:00p).  Here the hiking started in earnest. The trail to the Pfalzer Hutte followed the ridge top above Malbun with only slight up and downs along the way. The hiking was easy with a good trail. Soon we passed through Sareiser Joch (2000m – 6562ft) and past Spitz (2186m – 7172ft). From Spitz we traversed the ridge to Augstenberg (2359m – 7740ft) where we stopped for a snack and sat next to the old wooden cross on the summit. On the far side of Augstenberg the trail descended slightly to a little col (2308m – 7572ft) before dropping sharply over the last half kilometer to Pfalzer Hutte (2108m – 6916ft) (3:15p).

Pfalser Hutte to Mannheimer Hutte


July 23, 2007
  After a good night’s sleep  we got up at 7:00a, had breakfast and under clear skies started for Mannheimer Hutte at 8:20a. We hiked through heather and boulders on a long gently ascending traverse to Barthumeljoch (2305m – 7562ft). We continued on across grass and heather ascending gradually to Gross Furgga (2359m – 7740ft), a col which crosses the ridge crest below the Hornspitz (2537m – 8323ft). Here the wind picked up to 20 – 35 mph as we went quickly through the pass to the shelter of the lee side. Once through the pass we descended and traversed across steep ground to a second col, the Chlei Furgga. By then the wind was blowing 30 – 40 mph. From Chlei Furgga we traversed the south side of Salarue (2727m – 8947ft) to a third col/ridge crest (2499m – 8198ft). Here we climbed steeply up to 2662m – 8733ft and then started an exposed traverse across very steep rocky slopes. The worst parts were protected with cables so it was not too difficult, but definitely not for beginners. At last we reached the Schaflochsattel (2713m – 8901ft), a col bordering the Brandner Gletscher about a kilometer from the Mannheimer Hutte. We crossed the glacier on a well-marked trail and then hiked up the far slope to the hutte (2679m – 8789ft) (2:00p). That night we were warm and snug in the hutte while a storm passed through.

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