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Steve Trafton

Alpine Hiking Switzerland, Austria and Italy

Rifugio Viel del Pan to Passo Pordoi to Rifugio Boe to Passo Gardena

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July 9, 2008   Left the Rifugio Viel del Pan at 7:30a. The weather was clear and we looked forward to the day’s hike out of the Gruppo Marmolada and north across the Gruppo Sella.

The trail from the rifugio continued the traverse across grassy slopes and after about a mile crossed the ridge at the Col del Cuch (2370m – 7776ft) where it intersected a rough jeep track leading down the side of the Sas Becce (2534m – 8314ft) to the road at the Passo Pordoi (7346ft) (8:45a). The trail from the pass led up the grass and boulder slopes above to a long steep scree-filled trail that switch backed its way up a steep gully leading to the Rifugio Forcela del Pordoi (2829m – 9381ft), perched on the edge of the high plateau of the Gruppo Sella. The trail from the rifugio traversed east from the hut across slabs and small snowfields to an intersection.

The left branch cut left and traversed the plateau in the direct route to Rifugio Boe and the right branch led to the summit of Piz Boe and the Rifugio Capanna Fassa. We opted for the route up Piz Boe and continued northeast across more scree, slabs and small snowfields until we reached the base of the south ridge leading to the summit.

The climb up the south ridge was through boulders and several exposed sections but not too difficult. The most airy sections were well protected with cables and overall the hike to the summit was well worth the effort, with great views of the Gruppo Sella the entire way. We arrived at the summit of Piz Boe (3152m – 10,341ft) about an hour after leaving the Rifugio Forcela del Pordoi and enjoyed fresh apple strudel and hot coffee before starting the descent to the Rifugio Boe.

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