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Steve Trafton

Alpine Hiking Switzerland, Austria and Italy

Filmoor Hutte to Cheese Dairy at C. ra Antola de Sopra

Sarg to Plock P4 178

July 17, 2008   I left the Filmoor Hutte in the fog mist at 8:00a and followed the path traversing southeast across a large grassy basin. In good weather this would have been a great little hike but I was getting wet as the rain started to fall. After about fifty minutes the path turned and followed a gentle ridge crest for a few minutes before the trail dropped into another basin. I crossed the basin then ascended an easy slope to the far ridge (9:30a) before dropping down to the head of the valley below. I traversed around over easy ground to the Porze Hutte (1942m – 6371ft (10:00a).

Sarg to Plock P4 179
July 17, 2008 CONTINUATION   I stayed at the Porze Hutte for about forty five minutes trying to dry out a little before continuing on. The conditions weren’t getting any better so I left the hutte (10:50a) and followed an old World War I track cut into the hillside up to the border at Forcel Dignas (2094m – 6870ft) (11:00a). It was really raining now as I descended into the valley on the Italian side. At 12:10p I reached the farm at C. ra Campobon (ca. 1900m – 6235ft). I was soaked through and the farmer invited me in for a hot lunch. It was GREAT!!. He refused any payment and offered to let me stay there but I wanted to get further along the trail so I left Campobon behind (12:40p) and headed up the track. I was making good time, urged on by the rain and soon came to the farm at C. ra Manzon (1890m – 6201ft) (1:30p).

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July 17, 2008 CONCLUSION   I continued past Manzon and following the winding road generally east past sheep and dairy farms until I reached the farm at C. ra Chiastelin (1968m – 6457ft) (2:45p). There the road gave way to a trail leading gently up toward the mountains passing across a small sub valley and across a stream before continuing its contour, going through a small forest and emerging at a small cheese dairy at C. ra Antola di Sopra (1872m – 6142ft) (3:30p). It really raining now and a thunder storm had moved in, so I decided to ask the farmer if I could stay the night here. He was very kind and showed me to an old war barracks where I had my choice of beds. I laid everything out to dry then to my surprise the farmer invited me to have dinner. We couldn’t understand each other but managed to sign our way along that evening as the rain came down and we drank his homemade grappa. The farmer’s name was Julian and I learned that he and his nephew were cheese makers during the summer months. I also learned the Italian word for rain “pioggi.” I slept well that night thanks to the kindness of Julian.

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