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Steve Trafton

Walkers High Route: Chamonix to Zermatt

July 12 2006 Verbier to Cabane du Mont Fort


After the last two days of hard hiking we were ready for a day of leisure. The route from Verbier to Cabane du Mont Fort promised to be both scenic as well as undemanding. The main achievement would be to leave the ski resort atmosphere of Verbier behind and once again enter the high Alps. We started (9:00) by taking the tram from Verbier to Les Ruinettes. From here, a track led on a gentle traverse on the 7200 foot contour around the shoulder of Mont Gele (ca. 9915 feet) into a high alpine pasture. Cabane du Mont Fort (ca. 8060 feet) sat atop a rocky mound tucked in beneath the ridge that ran from Mont Gele and Mont Fort (ca. 10915 feet). By 10:15 we were sitting on the patio of the cabin enjoying the view out toward the Grand Combin group and settling back for a day of reading and relaxation, and fine cigars!

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