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Steve Trafton

Tour de Mont Blanc

Tour de Mont Blanc
Circa: 170KM – 105 miles;

10,000m – 32,800ft elevation gain

June/July 2009

Steve Trafton, Katherine Lawrence and Al Errington

Negotiating the crevasses on the Glacier du Geant (Dent du Geant in background)

6/24 Katherine and I were to fly BA to London and then to Milan and meet Al for our Tour de Mont Blanc. Katherine was standby on the London flight and got bumped but she insisted that I go on ahead and meet Al and she would find a way to get to Chamonix on her own, via her United Airlines connections. 6/25 I arrived in Milan and met Al at the Straf Hotel across from the Dom. 6/26 Al and I took the train from Milan to Brig Switzerland and then on down the Rhone valley to Martigny. From there we took the little local train over to Chamonix where we expected a message from Katherine saying when she would arrive. Surprise!! She was already there! She had caught a flight from Seattle to Washington DC, stayed the night in Washington DC, then caught a United Flight to Geneva (free for her) and had then taken the train around Lake Geneva to Martigny then on to Chamonix arriving at the Hotel des Alps several hours before Al and I arrived!!

Al and Katherine meet for the first time in Chamonix

Al and Katherine meet for the first time in Chamonix

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