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Steve Trafton


From Byron Trafton:

Black Horse Racing’s Peking to Paris Rally ended in Mongolia. Our #1 car (Revenant) lost the water pump in the uplands of Inner Mongolia. Our #4 car (Liver Eater) pushed on to the Gobi Desert on her way to Ulaan Bataar where the engine had a profound event – blowing a hole in the engine-block and oil sump. Great adventure nonetheless, in great old cars.


(Below) The Liver Eater and crew (Tim Taylor – Driver/Ike Trafton- Navigator) at the race start next to the Great Wall of China.

Tim Taylor and Ike Trafton next to the Great Wall

Tim Taylor and Dwight (Ike) Trafton

The #1 car (Revenant) alongside the road in Inner Mongolia with a broken water pump.


The Game is on. Crossing the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.


Late day showers in the Gobi while headed to Ulaan Baatar.




Later the sunset on a lonely road hundreds of kilometers in the middle of nowhere.


After 40 hours with no sleep, the Liver Eater crew camps along the route for several hours of rest.


Game over – a connecting rod exits the block and oil pan.

Liver Eater rides into Ulaan Baatar for shipping home.


The Revenant, while repairable is also headed home to avoid destroying a second engine. Black Horse Racing only has one spare engine left, so the goal is to husband resources.


cars have been put in containers where they will travel by train to Beijing and then shipped home.

Steve, Katherine & Ike Trafton will return from Ulaan Baatar to Seoul and then on to Seattle Friday afternoon June 17, 2016 at 12:20pm (PDT) on Korean Airlines flight #19.

Tim Taylor will fly home via Hong Kong to Dallas.


  1. daniel zimmerman says

    Congrats to all for getting as far as you did. Its a round trip however you look at it, an inspired journey home and from the unexpected Ulaan Baatar no less! Your fan in Rockwall, TX Dan Z, the Enthuziast.

  2. Randall watkins says

    So Sorry. I meant Successful.fat fingers even after the second proof. Sorry!

  3. Randall watkins says

    If you do not at least try you surely will not see your dream come true. so I am fortunate by the fact That I was able to meet the members of Blachorse Racing. I have been checking recently on your progress.i saw your entries to the point of packing up your dream at least for this race.
    I do know that you are disappointed. But consider this, please. You have too many pluses on your side to consider the outcome anything but unsuccessful.
    I realize that the preparation phas(s) took an initial toll on everyone. Your energy and synergy that were put forth were a true test of your imagination, physical endurance and mental exhaustion. But how many people on the globe can say that they even began, not to mention drove a racing car on probably the longest and most challenging racing course anywhere?
    You are all to be commended for the progress you made. I know in my heart that you will try this adventure again in the next running of 2019 becauseyou have a a leg up with the many lessons learned, the friends you made and don’t forget the two entry vehicles in your stable.
    Also important are the friends and family members who are so very proud of you for even attempting such a feat. I know I am proud of y’all ( had to Throw in a little Southern heritage).
    Oh, how many people of this world can say they saw China and the Gobi desert from the front seat of a 1925 hand-built American La France race car?

  4. Greg McKenna says

    Bummer would be an understatement….good news is everyone is coming home safe and sound and machines can be repaired. Gobi looks a little like Mars

  5. I am so sorry to hear. It is such a gruelling adventure. Difficult and hard on mind body and of course cars. The route from Ulan Bataan is even harder and devastating to the car. There were many times we really thought it was over for us. I hope you return.
    We have struggled with the Carrera Pan Americana where after 4 times we have never competed it. Hopefully we can chat some time and I hope it has not dampened your determination to go again.
    Lee Ann

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