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Steve Trafton

The Covid Concert

The Covid Concert

Believe it or not, you missed a great concert at the Trafton’s. Well, maybe it was a trio of wonderful musicians, two of whom wore masks. But we know who they were. Here is a three-minute excerpt from their full performance. If you want to watch the whole show, click on this link, and you’ll hear Brahms, Chopin, Saint-Saens, (Francois) Schubert, and Morricone. Featuring musicians: Angelique Poteat on clarinet, Efe Baltacigil on cello, and Nozomi Khudyev on piano. 


  1. Bob Kelley says


    Thanks for posting this! I don’t really understand this type of music, but I enjoy seeing and hearing it performed…


    PS I don’t see which link to click on to watch the whole show.

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