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“If you’re not moving, you’re standing  still.”


Steve Trafton

Once Again Twice Another Time


At about 6 PM PDT, this was their progress. You can see exactly where the boys are now by checking their GPS.



Of course, nothing much happens in Alaska or the Yukon, or B.C. You just see an occasional cow by the road, and then you move on. 





With typical American originality, one of the boys yells, “Hey!”. No wonder this cow made no motion to acknowledge them. It should be “MOOO”, you know.




They decided to drive ALF #4 for a-ways and then trailer it, even though the 1925 classic speedster gave them no problem. You can just imagine the strange looks they received from an occasional oncoming vehicle, as they drove a very isolated Alcan Highway. Martha! What was THAT?”  Those oncoming cars may have thought they were entering the Twilight Zone.


Anyway, here are some photos that the Alaskan Pony Express just delivered. From Christochina to Fairbanks, to the Yukon and south:




More Later…




  1. I just saw the lafrance at arches national park this weekend.
    awesome to see what all youve done with it and how many car adventures youve been on

  2. Bob Kelley (BHS '64) says

    Since I had read all of the blog posts in the past, I decided to comment on each one, just a little late.
    Kudos to Katherine for accompanying you on your adventures! I could tell she was special after talking with her at the reunion you two attended.

  3. Bob Kelley (BHS '64) says

    Good to see #4 on the road instead of only on the trailer!
    Keep posting the photos.
    You probably know that In Alaska grizzlies are called brown bears. (Can’t tell if the bear encounter was in AK or BC.)

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