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Steve Trafton

Fall in Colorado 2022

In late September, we drove to Colorado with the ALF #4 (or the American LaFrance speedster) following close behind us. Well, the ALF was on our trailer. But the scenery and fall colors that we anticipated while driving the central Colorado mountain range did not disappoint. 

Colorado Here We Come

Starting at the famous World War II Camp Hale, Katherine and I chugged up the 10,000 foot Tennessee Pass on the continental divide and continued to Leadville. Then we drove along many backroads to Cottonwood Pass at 12,000 feet, and over Keebler Pass. What a journey it was. Here are some of our photos. 

On the way back to our home-base in Washington State, we stopped at the Rangely, Colorado Automotive Museum to see our good friends Bud and Vicky Seigel, and also to check in on the ALF #1 which is a duplicate of the ALF #4. It resides at the antique car museum after its notable excursion in the Peking to Paris Race of 2016. Stop in to see it sometime.  


  1. Nice touch with the video of the trip. Too bad I couldn’t figure out how to turn down the volume just a little bit.

    Assuming the date of January is correct I am surprised that there was no snow. Perhaps the trip was actually in the fall of 2022. Judging by the coats and Katherine’s marvelous hat, I expect that it was a little cool for open air traveling but doable with the right clothing.

    When I saw the map at the beginning I wondered it the Rangely Museum was on the itinary and was not disappointed.

    I went to the Harrah museum in Sparks NV many years ago. It was FANTASTIC!!! Unfortunately, when Bill Harrah died the cars were auctioned off because they were owned by his business rather than by him personally, apparently with no provision in his will for continuing the museum… What a loss for car enthusiasts…

    Keep up the good work Traftons!

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