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Steve Trafton

Pick Yourself Up and Start Again

Refusing to accept defeat, the team took the sick 1915 ALF #1 classic speedster all the way back to Seattle (on a trailer) and are immediately returning to Alaska to retrieve ALF #4. This time, they are taking a different route up the Alcan, from Cle Elum, Washington north all the way back to Glennallen, Alaska. Here are photos of some of the crew who participated including Steve and Katherine, Matt, Guillaume, Dwight and Byron.



As of 2:15 PDT, Steve, and Dwight had crossed back into Alaska on their way to Glenallen and ALF #4.  Follow along here.




The plan, hatched over a hearty meal, is to drive the ALF #4 part of the way down the Alcan and then trailer it back to Seattle. 



Here are a few photos from their journey.






  1. George Carter says

    Glad the fires didn’t smoke you out! We assume Katherine made the reunion, too. After the ferry, we took the Top of the World Hwy to Chicken, AK. and survived. It wasn’t like your expeditions, but big for us and good to be back home in the Tri-Cities. If you and Katherine are on our side of the Cascades, please let us know.

    Take care,
    George & Liz

  2. Bob Kelley (BHS '64) says

    Great photo of you and Katherine in the period-appropriate driving gear!

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