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Steve Trafton

Requiem for the Liver

From Ulaanbaatar

From Ulaanbaatar

Liver Eater’s Last Ride

Heartbroken and outta luck, Ike Trafton and Tim Taylor gave up the ghost on a lonely road in Mongolia. 

Ike Trafton sends the following post:

ow to load a 4 ton car without a winch or lift truck:

– Simply back up to an embankment


– Use a pick-up and a section of cable to control the cars roll (and block a high speed road in the process)


– tie it down with old cables through the wheels (you can always re-powder coat)


..and voila, finished!


Now for the 100 kilometer drive to Ulaan Baatar – hoping the Liver Eater doesn’t break loose under braking and take us out for what we did to her.


More updates later …



  1. Ahhhhh, yes, tow trucks…. First in Mongolia when we broke the mounting for the rear radius rods (and thereby tore out the driveshaft and the brake lines) – and then in Russia when we had fuel delivery problems as a result of all that fine Mongolian sand. Tow trucks… My single largest expense on P2P 2013 – but at least we finished!

  2. Ouch. Loren cocking and Jenny Mah had a similar time with tow trucks
    Hope all gets repaired in Ulan
    Don’t miss cashmere shopping. I wish I bought more?
    Lee Ann and Tony

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