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Steve Trafton

Trek from Washington DC to Pittsburgh

Southern End of the Salisbury ViaductSouthern End of the Salisbury Viaduct



The following day I rented a car and drove back to the Salisbury Viaduct started off along the snow path toward Garrett Pennsylvania some five distant. At the viaduct the path intersects and crosses over the Casselman River then follows the river to Garrett and then to Rockwood, Pennsylvania 7 miles further along. It was a nice sunny day; cold and clear but the 10 inches on snow on the ground made for slow going. The weather had been colder enough that the surface of the snow was frozen but wouldn’t hold my weight so I broke through with each step. I had to ‘posthole’ for several hours before reaching Garrett.

Trek From Washington DC to Pittsburgh near Garrett, Pennsylvania On the trail near Garrett, Pennsylvania


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