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“If you’re not moving, you’re standing  still.”


Steve Trafton

Trek from Washington DC to Pittsburgh

Since it didn’t look as though there would be any relief in sight from the snowy trail until I reached a little lower elevation I decided to walk the rural road from Garrett to Rockwood. This road led through Amish farm country and was therefore modestly more interesting then most road hikes. But it was had on the feet and by the time I got to Rockwood (milepost 44) I was ready to call it a day. I found a room at a small bed and breakfast and hired a car to take me back to pick up my car before returning for a home cooked dinner with the couple who ran the inn.

Trek From Washington DC to Pittsburgh


My fourth on the trail I got an early start intending to hike the 29 miles to Ohiopyle. I had lost enough elevation that the snow was gone from most parts of the trail. It still lingered in a few shady spots but overall wasn’t a hindrance to my usual 3.5 mph pace and I made good time. The path following the Casselman River past Markleton (5 miles) and then on to Pinkerton Tunnel which would have cut a mile off the hike had it been open. But the added distance wasn’t all that unwelcome as the trail along the river was pleasure and in good shape. After three hours I came to Fort Hill, a wide spot in the trail.

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